WOMEN TO WATCH 2024: A New World

When women artists envision a different world, how does that look? NMWA invites a close exploration of this question in Women to Watch 2024, the seventh installment of the museum’s exhibition series.

Given the extraordinary events of 2020 including a global health pandemic, intense calls for social reform, and unprecedented political division, any contemporary art exhibition planned for 2024 will necessarily include work that is impacted by all of these issues.

Selected works will answer essential questions such as how have our societal conditions impacted artists’ visions for the future or inspired them to create alternative current realities? Whether optimistic or discordant, fantastical or believable, artists have always had a hand in visualizing what could be and, in times of difficulty, have often provided hope––or warning.

Open to any medium, visualizations of the different worlds can be figurative or abstract.

Visit us again in the coming months to see which artists will be selected for the Committee’s short list and of course to learn who will represent Italy in the 2024 installment of Women to Watch.

Shortlisted Artists

Elisa Giardina Papa
Irene Fenara
Martina Melilli
Pamela Diamante
Ruth Beraha