WOMEN TO WATCH 2018: Heavy Metal

The fifth rendition of Women to Watch featured artists investigating the expressive possibilities of metalwork, through a wide variety of techniques, creating works ranging from jewelry to sculpture and conceptual forms.

The Italian Committee organized prestigious events both in Washington and in Italy to celebrate the exhibition and promote our artist.

In Milan, the Museo del Novecento held a seminar and reception for patrons to meet the selected artists from the 2015 and 2018 editions of Women to Watch.

To celebrate the opening of the exhibit, the Italian Ambassador to the United States hosted international committee members for a luncheon at his home in Washington, DC with the participation of the president of the Italian senate, Elisabetta Casellati.

In Rome, the U.S. Ambassador to Italy hosted a cocktail reception in his private residence for supporters of the Italian Committee.

Selected Artist

Serena Porrati
Serena’s artwork focuses on metal as a medium, critically exploring heat as a generative force. Under her guidance, heat becomes a brush, a process of transformation. By mimicking geological and industrial processes, engaging with ideas of control and chance, working with metal and heat, she marks a trajectory between the organic and inorganic, the animate and inanimate, life and non-life, the raw material and the artifact. Serena lives in Milan, where she currently has her own studio.

Three of Serena’s works were included in the Women to Watch exhibition: Thin Film (2017), Damascus Sunset (2017), and Collapse (2014).

Shortlisted Artists

Olì Bonzanigo
Marzia Migliora
Liliana Moro
Serena Porrati
Grazia Varisco