WOMEN TO WATCH 2020: Paper Routes

The sixth instalment of the exhibition series Women to Watch focuses on the transformation of paper into complex works of art. Paper is a ubiquitous medium that is made from a variety of sources. Each artist’s work exemplifies the diversity and flexibility of art produced from paper.

Paper Routes will be the largest Women to Watch to date.

Selected Artist

Elisabetta Di Maggio
Elisabetta Di Maggio is based in Venice. She patiently creates works of art by hand and is inspired by the small-scale handwork traditionally associated with women such as embroidery. One of her first major works was a trousseau in paper that simulated traditional ones in linen.

For her paper works, Elisabetta uses surgical scalpels to hand-cut delicate and intricate designs which mimic the look of lace or organic matter. In addition, she has produced works of art using real postage stamps, recreating on a large scale the effect of ancient mosaics.

Shortlisted Artists

Renata Boero
Marta Dell’Angelo
Elisabetta di Maggio
Isabella Mara
Marta Roberti